Thinking Of Renewing Your Awnings Or Outdoor Blinds?

Renewing Your Awnings and outdoor blinds'

Thinking Of Renewing Your Awnings Or Outdoor Blinds?

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space with Noosa Screens and Curtains’ Fabric Replacement Services

Are you tired of looking at your worn, ripped, or faded outdoor blinds or awnings in Noosa? Noosa Screens and Curtains has the answer – a simple fabric replacement that can brighten up and transform your outdoor area! So why wait? Give us a call today to discuss your options or book a time for a Free Measure & Quote.

Our Process

We come out to inspect the awnings or outdoor blinds that require repair. If all the fittings are in good working order, we can professionally remove them, take them away, and replace them with your chosen fabric before returning and re-installing them with care. In many cases, we can also reskin the awning/blind on-site.

Benefits of Fabric Replacement

With the replacement of a new highly durable canvas or mesh, your awning or outdoor blind will be ready to face the harsh Australian climate for many years to come. Most fabrics have at least a five-year warranty. This is the perfect opportunity to revamp your house as we head into the warmer months of summer in Noosa.

Customization Options

There is a variety of colors, classic styles, and modern trends and patterns available to choose from for your existing awning or outdoor blind. You’ll be surprised at the results of how some new fabrics will freshen up your home’s exterior. Our consultants will work with you to find what suits your needs best.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

If you’re preparing your home for sale, replacing the awning fabric may give your home the external aesthetic refresh it needs, adding more value to your house and contributing to the sale price that you are after!

Budget-Friendly Solutions

If you are on a budget, the cost to replace your old ripped or sun-damaged awning or outdoor blind is minimal compared to a complete replacement. However, if the components and fittings of your awning/outdoor blind are beyond repair, we can provide a quote for a complete replacement unit.

Quality Assurance

At Noosa Screens and Curtains, we pride ourselves on offering quality products. For more information, check out our ongoing Specials across our Specials range.

Don’t let worn-out awnings or blinds detract from your outdoor space any longer. Contact Noosa Screens and Curtains today to rejuvenate your home’s exterior!