Inverted Pleat / Reverse Pinch Pleat

Made-to-measure curtains with a Reverse box pleat heading are suitable for many applications. The pleats are on the back of the curtain and are sewn flat to give a lovely steamlined finish.  This creates a smart, tailored but modern appearance, especially suitable for a clean, minimalist style for the contemporary or modern home.  Both sheer and Blockout fabrics are suitable for this application, with beautiful pure Linens and Linen look fabrics the most popular in our range at the moment.  When using a double track application, we find the Reverse Block Pleat in a sheer fabric on the front track combined with a gathered pencil pleat Blockout on the back track, enables smooth movement of both curtains.

Please visit us at our lovely showrooms in Noosaville where we can show you the different headings available for your curtains.

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