Turnils is a leading window covering company known for creating innovative and stylish designs. They use high-quality materials to make all the parts of their blinds and awnings, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting finished product. Turnils is part of the larger Hunter Douglas group, a company that makes window coverings all around the world.

External Products

Turnils builds window coverings that are tough enough to handle anything the Australian weather throws at them. Their external range is designed specifically for our harsh conditions and comes in a variety of styles to suit your home.

You can choose from:

  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Straight Drop Awnings
  • Alpha M Awning System

Turnils Folding Arm Awnings are designed and engineered in Europe, ensuring the highest quality materials and construction. These awnings are built to withstand tough Aussie conditions.

All Turnils Folding Arm Awnings use Dyneema® tape at the elbow and shoulder joints of the arms. This innovative material is lightweight yet incredibly strong, making the awnings more durable and resistant to moisture and UV rays. Dyneema® is the perfect choice for long-lasting awnings that can handle the Australian climate.

Sirocco Folding Arm Awnings

The Sirocco range of folding arm awnings, also known as the FA40 Series, is designed to be modular. This means you can pick from six different models to find the ideal fit for your outdoor area. With a Sirocco awning, you can create a stylish and comfortable space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

FA22 Piccolo

The Piccolo is a fantastic new addition to the Sirocco awning range. It’s a compact, open-style folding arm awning that’s easy on the wallet.

The Piccolo awning is ideally suited for smaller areas, with a maximum width of 5 metres. It’s designed with smaller components, so it sits closer to your wall for a neat look.

The Piccolo awning has been tested to meet the European Standard EN 13561 for wind resistance. This means it can handle winds up to 38 kilometres per hour (similar to a Force 5 on the Beaufort scale).

FA22 Classic

The Piccolo is a fantastic new addition to the Sirocco awning range. It’s a compact, open-style folding arm awning that’s easy on the wallet.

The Piccolo awning is ideally suited for smaller areas, with a maximum width of 5 metres. It’s designed with smaller components, so it sits closer to your wall for a neat look.

The Piccolo awning has been tested to meet the European Standard EN 13561 for wind resistance. This means it can handle winds up to 38 kilometres per hour (similar to a Force 5 on the Beaufort scale).

FA22 Design

The FA42 is the basic model in the Sirocco range of awnings. It’s a folding arm awning that folds up when you don’t need it. It’s built using the latest Swedish design, so you know it’s well-made.

The FA42 has been tested to make sure it can handle Aussie winds. It can handle winds up to 49 kilometres per hour, which is about the same as a strong breeze.

FA45 Cross-Over

The FA45 Cross-Over awning is the perfect solution for you if you have a small balcony or patio. It’s specially designed for narrow spaces.

The clever design of the FA45 Cross-Over awning uses criss-cross arms. This allows the awning to extend further out even though it’s narrow. This means you get the same amount of shade and outdoor comfort that you would get with a wider awning.

The FA45 Cross-Over awning has been tested to make sure it can withstand strong winds. It meets the European Standard EN 13561 for wind classification. This means it can handle winds up to 49 kilometres per hour (which is about force 6 on the Beaufort scale).

FA48 Semi-Cassette

The FA48 Semi Cassette Awning is a stylish option with a compact cassette that protects the fabric and gives it a neat, modern look.

The FA48 Semi-Cassette Awning is built tough! It’s been tested to withstand wind speeds up to 49 km/h (similar to a strong breeze on the Beaufort scale).

Folding Arm Awning Motorisation

Motolux – Powerful yet quiet motors for home automation
Since 2008, Motolux has been a reliable Aussie manufacturer of motors for automatic window coverings. Their motors are designed to be both versatile and adaptable, meaning they can be easily fitted into a wide variety of curtains, blinds and shades. They’re also quieter than other options, run smoothly, and come with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Optional Accessories

You can get a bunch of extra goodies for your Sirocco awning to make it even better at keeping you cool and comfy. These extras let you customise your awning to perfectly suit your needs.

Viento Semi-Cassette

The newest member of the Turnils family, the FA58, boasts a smooth, curved hood for a compact and streamlined design. This not only looks great but also offers extra protection for the awning fabric and its components.

The Viento is a truly adaptable solution for bigger areas. You can mount it on walls, under ceilings, or even on your roof with the help of special brackets.

All Viento awnings come with a motorised system as standard, making them a breeze to operate. They can extend up to a maximum projection of 4.0 metres when the width is 6.0 metres.

Cabrera XL

Cabrera XL Folding Arm Awning is a heavy-duty awning is built tough and offers excellent protection for both the fabric and the hardware.

The Cabrera XL features a full cassette enclosure. This means the awning fabric is completely tucked away inside a cassette when retracted. This design provides the best possible protection from the elements, keeping your awning fabric safe from rain, dust, and dirt.

The Cabrera XL boasts a modular Swedish design, making it a great choice for both homes and businesses. The awning pitch can also be adjusted during installation to ensure you get the perfect angle for maximum sun protection.

Made with heavy-duty components, the Cabrera XL is a robust awning solution. It can be custom-made up to 7.0 metres wide, making it ideal for shading large outdoor areas.

Turnils Alpha straight drop awnings are designed and engineered right here in Australia, specifically to handle our unique climate. These awnings are built tough and deliver outstanding performance.

The Alpha Awnings Series boasts five designer awnings that are both stylish and strong. They’re also energy efficient, which is a big plus for Aussie homes. Homeowners love the modern look of these awnings, and with a wide range of control options to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for almost any outdoor space.

Alpha Awning Series

The Alpha Awning Series is a modern awning system that’s perfect for any outdoor area. All five awning styles in this series use the same hardware so you’ll get a neat and tidy look no matter which style you pick.

Operating Options

There are a number of different options for operating the Alpha Series Awnings. From motorised solutions to manual options.


The Alpha Awning Series Bottom Rail is designed to keep your awning fabric taut and minimise movement, even in windy conditions. This ensures you can enjoy your outdoor space in comfort, no matter the weather.

There are several options available to help secure the bottom bar of your awning, providing a customised solution for your needs.

Hardware Colours

The Alpha Awning Series comes in six standard colours. You can also get it in a custom colour if you powder coat it yourself.


Alpha Awning Motorisation brings together the best in technology and design. Choose from a range of solar-powered, battery-operated or hardwired options to control your awning with a simple button press.

The Turnils Alpha M Awning System is a revolutionary outdoor awning, the first in Australia to use a magnetic retention system. With a massive 200kg of pull force, these magnets keep the fabric taut and looking neat inside the channels. Designed and tested right here in Australia to handle our diverse and sometimes unforgiving weather, the Alpha M Awning System is built to last. Independent testing has shown it can withstand wind gusts of up to 185kph, making it the strongest Straight Drop awning ever wind tested in Australia.

Advanced Technology

The secret to the Alpha M’s strength lies in its clever use of magnets. Neodymium magnets are positioned in both the side channel and the screen guide, providing powerful pulling force on both sides to keep the fabric taut. As you lower, raise, or adjust the awning, the fabric snaps into place with a satisfying push, ensuring a smooth, flat, and wrinkle-free appearance.

The unique design of the side channels allows the fabric to breathe a little during windy conditions. This slight give allows the fabric to relax and then return to full tension once the wind dies down.

Inner Strength

The Alpha M Awning System boasts an unmatched tube-in-tube design for superior strength and minimal bending. This design features a 60mm octagonal tube nested within a uniquely shaped 102mm rounded tube. This special engineering allows the awning to hang perfectly straight even at impressive widths of up to 6.5 metres.

Clever Self Correction

No need to call for service if the fabric blows out of position on your Alpha M awning. Simply raise the awning above where the issue occurred and then lower it completely. The powerful magnets will effortlessly guide the Stance Fibreglass Sunscreen fabric back into the channel, pulling it tight and eliminating any creases or folds.

Keder Design

A heavy-duty keder system locks the fabric securely within the side guides. When combined with the patented magnet technology, this creates an incredibly strong awning that’s less likely to develop problems. The core of the keder system is made from flexible PVC and encased in a highly durable Teflon® coated polyester fabric with exceptional tear strength – perfect for handling the harsh Australian climate.

Covering Out of Square

The Alpha M Awning System can handle even slightly out-of-square applications. The side channels allow for 12mm of free-floating movement on either side. For more significant out-of-square situations, a special “donut” insert can be used. This insert adjusts the angle of the fabric as it moves, ensuring it remains straight, tight, and looking great at all times. Adjustments can be made during installation for a perfect fit by sliding the donut in small increments before securing it in place.

For larger out-of-square applications of up to 70mm, a U-Channel can also be used. This option allows for proper fixing and provides a neat, concealed finish.

Headbox Protection

Two specially designed brushes are located within the opening of the headbox to stop insects, dirt, and debris from getting in and causing problems. These brushes also help to dust the fabric clean as the awning moves, increasing its lifespan. An open roller option is available for situations where the awning will be inset into the ceiling.

Heavy Duty Bottom Rail

The Alpha M Awning System features a specially weighted bottom rail that ensures smooth and consistent operation. This weight helps to balance the fabric within the side channels. The bottom rail allows the awning to be positioned at any point for optimal light and heat control, with minimal movement even in windy weather. It also allows you to extend and retract the awning even when it’s windy. The bottom rail is finished with a soft brush that rests gently on uneven surfaces, reducing light gaps and keeping out insects and debris.

Effortless Control

The Alpha M Awning System can be motorised with a Merger motor and paired with the Neo Smart home automation system. This allows you to control your awning from anywhere in the world using a convenient app on your smartphone.

Need some shade for a pool party? Or want to quickly close the awning when the weather turns nasty? The Alpha M Awning System puts control at your fingertips for the ultimate outdoor comfort.

The system also works with the Merger Sun and Wind Sensor, giving you peace of mind. If the wind gets too strong, the sensor will automatically retract the awning. While it is always recommended to retract your awning in windy conditions, this sensor provides an extra layer of protection.

Part of the Alpha Family

The Alpha M Awning System is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing range of Alpha awnings. This allows you to create a coordinated look for your home, no matter which style you choose.

lnternal Products

Turnils represents the very best of European quality and Swedish design for window covering systems and componentry.

The Turnils internal product range includes:

  • Arena Honeycomb Shades
  • Quantum® Roller Blinds
  • Motorisation
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds

Looking for a window covering that’s both stylish and practical? Then look no further than Arena Honeycomb Shades!

These shades are perfect for all shapes and sizes of windows. They also offer excellent insulation, helping you to control the temperature in your home without sacrificing style. The clever honeycomb design traps air inside the cells, slowing down the transfer of heat from outside to inside in summer and vice versa in winter.

With a wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from, Arena Honeycomb Shades can easily complement any décor. There’s also a great selection of operating systems and design options available, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Fabric Construction

Arena Honeycomb Shades come in three cell sizes to suit your taste:

  • 10mm Single Cell: This classic option provides a timeless look for your windows.
  • 20mm Single Cell: Make a bold statement with this contemporary cell size.
  • Double Cell: Our innovative Double Cell construction features two layers of cells for superior insulation and noise reduction.
Fabric Opacity

In addition to a variety of colours and designs, Arena Honeycomb Shades offer different levels of light filtration. Choose from Sheer, Translucent, or Blockout fabrics to control the amount of light entering your room, while also considering privacy and UV protection.

Fabric Range

Arena Honeycomb Shades come in a wide range of colours, textures, and tones. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to complement your décor.

Control Systems

Arena Honeycomb Shades offer a variety of control systems for your convenience and safety, including:

  • Child-safe options: Glideshift, Motorised, and Cordless systems eliminate dangling cords.
  • Classic systems: EasyRise and Classic Cord Lock systems offer a familiar and reliable operation.
Design Options

Customise your Arena Honeycomb Shades to perfectly suit your needs. We offer a variety of design options, including:

  • Day-Night shades: Combine a blockout fabric with a sheer fabric for ultimate light control.
  • Top Down/Bottom Up: Raise or lower the shade from either the top or bottom of the window.
  • Two-on-One Headrail: Ideal for large windows, this option allows you to control two shades with a single headrail.
  • Angled or specialty shapes: We offer solutions for angled windows and other speciality shapes.

Arena Honeycomb Shades feature colour-coordinated hardware that complements our fabrics. The contemporary design includes curved headrails and unobtrusive components for a stylish look on any window.

Quantum Roller Blinds are designed with the Australian home in mind, combining the latest trends with exceptional strength and quality.

The Quantum® system prioritises innovation, design, functionality and style. It provides smooth, reliable operation that’s perfect for any room in your house.

Quantum Roller Blinds Range

Want to learn more about Quantum Roller Blinds? Download a copy of our brochure to see the full range of options available.

System Features

We offer a wide variety of customisable options, so you can create the perfect Quantum® Roller Blind to suit your style and needs.

Design Options

All our blinds feature operating systems designed for quiet and easy use.

Operating Options

Every part of a Quantum® Roller Blind is built with high-quality components to ensure a sleek and stylish finish.

Ellipse Bottom Rail

The Ellipse Ultra bottom rail adds a touch of contemporary style to your blinds, while also being engineered for top performance.

Heavy Duty

Our Heavy Duty Quantum® blinds are made with a larger 65mm aluminium tube, allowing them to cover wider windows (up to 3.8m) and taller spaces (up to 5.5m) without bending.

Quantum® Roller Blinds offer Motolux motors, a reliable and affordable option for automating your windows.


  • Trusted brand: Manufactured since 2008, Motolux is a well-known name in motorised blinds.
  • Quiet operation: Enjoy peace and quiet while controlling your blinds with smooth, silent motors.
  • Adaptable design: Motolux motors can be installed in a variety of blinds, curtains and shades, making them a versatile choice.
  • Great value: Get the benefits of home automation at a competitive price point.
  • Long lasting: Comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Why recommend Motolux?

  • AC and DC motors: Choose the motor type that best suits your requirements.
  • Variable torque strength: Select the right motor strength depending on the size and weight of your blinds.
  • Remote control options: Operate your blinds with handheld or wall-mounted remotes, with single, multi-channel, or timer functionalities.
  • Smart home compatibility: Control your blinds with your voice using popular smart home systems like Amazon® Alexa®, Hey Google®, Apple® HomeKit®, and Control4™.
  • Customisable: Motolux motors can be adapted to fit various window shapes and sizes.

Vertical blinds are a popular option for windows in Australia, particularly for wide windows and sliding or bi-fold doors. The vertical fabric strips allow you to control the amount of light coming in, and they can even completely block out light if needed.

Turnils Deco Plus Vertical Blinds have been given a modern makeover with new features that focus on versatility, efficiency, and ease of use.

Deco Plus Verticals feature a modern curved headrail that’s the same on both sides. You can easily flip the headrail to choose where you want the controls to be. New, easy clip-in brackets and universal tracks make installation much simpler.

Deco Plus Verticals offer 2 control options:

  • Traversing Wand: This completely redesigned wand lets you do everything with one hand, including opening, closing, and tilting the louvres. It’s perfect for children’s rooms and provides a clean look as it can be hidden behind the louvres.
  • Chain & Cord: This traditional system has been updated with a thicker, more durable cord for a longer lifespan and a more contemporary design.

The curved headrail design matches other Turnils products, creating a coordinated look across Deco Plus Verticals, Faber Aluminium Venetians, and Arena Honeycomb Shades.

Deco Plus Vertical Blinds come in standard louvre widths of 89mm, 100mm, and 127mm. If you need a different size, you can enquire about customisation options.

Looking for versatile blinds for your home or office? Look no further than Venetian blinds! They come in either aluminium or a classic timber-look finish, making them a great fit for any space.

Venetian blinds give you the ultimate control over light, privacy and temperature. You can close them completely for near darkness, or open them wide to let in almost all the light. They even have tilting slats, so you can adjust them to get the perfect amount of sunshine.

Urban Woods Venetians

Want timeless style with low maintenance? Urban Woods blinds are for you! This range of timber-look venetian blinds is actually made from polystyrene, making them easy to care for. They’re still great at blocking UV rays, controlling sunlight and giving you privacy.

Aluminium Venetians

Made in Germany, these aluminium venetians come in a wide range of colours and finishes. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that matches your décor perfectly.

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