Noosa Veri Shades

Noosa Veri Shades

Everyone loves curtains, they’re elegant, soft, and stylish – but they’re either open or closed. Veri Shades have the feel of curtains with the versatility of blinds.

The soft fabric hangs beautifully. There are no weights or chains so you can walk through them anywhere, whether they’re opened or closed – they just sway out of the way and settle back perfectly. This makes them perfect for creating a soft feature across a large opening. Veri Shades can span up to six metres. We have a Verishade model on display in our showroom for you to inspect.

Veri Shades – made from wonderfully soft fabric with opaque folds

With the new unique patented designed Veri Shades, you can have the elegance and versatility of a sheer and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand, you can easily adjust the Veri Shades to control and adjust light levels depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required.

  • Turn the wand of the Veri Shade one way and the opaque fabrics provide privacy and light blocking
  • Turn the wand of the Veri Shade the other way and the mesh fabric lets more light through
  • Open the Veri Shade folds halfway for filtered light
  • Draw your Veri Shades right back like curtains for full sunlight

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