Alloy Louvered Awnings

Steel Louvered awnings are available in a fixed or adjustable version with an internal winder. Fixed blades are available in 38 degree or 45 degree pitches. 38 degree pitches provide a small opening for some privacy while the 45 degree pitch will offer a blockout when looking from a level position. They are great for second story buildings where there is a requirement to create a barrier on the outside for sun or privacy. The adjustable version of the awnings are operated from a small winder that can be fitted inside the house.

Our extruded aluminium louvre panels are 1.2mm thick which makes them a much stronger and longer lasting alternative to the traditional .7mm rollform aluminium. Extruded louvres can also be powder coated to suit your decor. Our unique spring loaded panel clip (patent pending) for Adjustable aluminium louvres allows easy removal for replacement and cleaning of blades and negates any damage to the stringer components, with the added advantage of minimising wind rattle and blade movement.