Spring Awning

The Spring Awning is our entry level awning and is the most cost effective awning available. It can be used in many different applications. Traditionally the spring awning is held down with elastic side arresters and a spring tensioned top tube. The result is an awning that retracts easily and remains tensioned through the spring.

The most common place to fit a Spring Awning is between two posts on a balcony or deck and is also often fitted inside of the reveal of a window frame. A Spring Awning can be fitted on the face of the wall like an automatic awning but the fabric will rub against the wall and wear down. Hook and Loop tabs can be stuck behind the bottom tube to prevent the fabric rubbing up against the wall. We usually allow 150mm over each side of the window reveal to allow us to secure the awning to a brick ( not in between mortar) or to a wooden substrate.

Other Applications include the Zip screen, Drop arm and Multi Stop awning.

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