Sliding Door Security Screen 316 Grade Marine Stainless

Amplimesh is a quality product you can trust and has been providing security screens for over 50 years and meets, AS5039 , AS5041/39 and AS5041/39 Australian Standards and is stringer and more durable to its competition particularly due to its superior componentry and  our close proximity to the marine environment. Secure Screen is a superior security product made from 316 Marine grade stainless steel 0.85mm thick woven mesh. Secure Screen mesh is held by a UV rated PVC plug, for galvanic corrosion prevention, which is inserted under very high pneumatic pressure which means no unsightly screws, rivets, pins or snap ins to retain the mesh panel.

Standard colour framing includes White, White Birch, Black, Primrose, Stone Beige, bronze anodised and clear anodised. Other colours can be produced through local powdercoating specialists.

Checkout this golden oldie. Our security screens have been around for over 40 years.