TaHoma Switch

Somfy Tahoma Switch Device
Somfy Tahoma Switch Device

Make The Most Of Your Home

Installing motorised blinds, curtains, shutters, or awnings is the first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient. By adding a touch of connectivity, a world of possibilities opens to you.

Somfy’s connected equipment helps you make the most of your home. TaHoma switch frees you from repetitive, mundane tasks and adds new features to your home. Enrich your daily experience to focus on what you love.

Create Your Own Routines & Launch Them In One Touch

TaHoma switch is a smart control, offering 2 personalised scene launcher buttons to centralise your home equipment. Customise each button based on your devices to create scenes that fit your daily routines.

The Smart Control System To Centralise & Connect Your Home Equipment

Somfy Tahoma Switch Device Somfy Tahoma Switch Device



Tahoma Switch Features

Start the day right with a “Good Morning” scene

With the touch of a button, activate the “Good Morning” scene and watch your home awaken: the roller blinds open, and the lighting adjusts just as you programmed it. Simple and practical.

Tahoma Switch Features

Head off to bed with a “Goodnight” scene

In one touch, the blinds close, and the lights turn off.

Tahoma Switch Features

Private and comfortable

Instantly create the atmosphere of your choice by launching your scene. TaHoma switch lowers your blinds, dims your lights and plays your favourite playlist to help you unwind.

Tahoma Switch Features

Warm and inviting

Enjoy a cosy evening with friends on your terrace. With one touch roll out the awning, switch on the outdoor lights and put on your preferred music.

Tahoma Switch by Somfy Tahoma Switch by Somfy



Control Your Connected Home, Anytime & Anywhere

Control Your Connected Devices

  • Individually or as a group
  • From home or away
  • From the app or automatically

Get Real-Time Information On Your Equipment’s Status

  • (for example, “on” or “off”, “open” or “closed”)

Use Programming Features That Automatically Trigger Scenes

  • with sensors
  • with time programming

Easily Create Scenes And Customise Your Two Scene Launcher Buttons

Take It A Step Further

Going away on vacation? Simply create the illusion that you haven’t left home by using presence simulation. A special scene that turns lights on and off and opens and closes your shutters or blinds at set times.

Connect Your Existing Devices Or Add New Ones In A Snap


Features of Tahoma Switch by Somfy Features of Tahoma Switch by Somfy



The Most Complete Smart Home Solution. Open & Scalable

TaHoma switch is compatible with an extensive list of varied Somfy and partner products.

  • Shutters
  • Blinds & curtains
  • Pergolas & awnings
  • Gates, garage doors & door locks
  • Lights & plugs
  • Cameras & alarms
  • Heating & thermostat
  • Sensors (climate and surveillance)
  • Music & voice assistants
Features of Tahoma Switch by Somfy Features of Tahoma Switch by Somfy