How To Clean Your New Blinds

Clean Blinds

How To Clean Your New Blinds

Maintaining Your Blinds from Noosa Screens and Curtains

After purchasing blinds from Noosa Screens and Curtains, it’s crucial to understand how to properly maintain them to ensure longevity and cleanliness. Regular cleaning not only keeps allergens like dust and pet dander at bay but also prevents dirt buildup that can damage your blinds over time. Here’s a guide to keeping your blinds clean and your home allergen-free:

Dust Blinds Weekly

Regular dusting is essential to maintain clean blinds. Dust them once a week to prevent accumulation.

Dusting Fabric and Cellular Blinds

For Roman, roller, and cellular blinds, use a hand vacuum with a soft brush attachment on a low suction setting. Alternatively, attach a similar tool to your floor vacuum. This gentle approach prevents damage to the fabric.

Dusting Aluminium and Timber Blinds

For aluminium and timber blinds, use a dust cloth, dusting glove, or a product like Swiffer. Extend the blinds fully, adjust them slightly closed, hold the bottom rail, and dust each slat. Reverse the slats and repeat to ensure thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Stubborn Dirt and Grime

For stubborn dirt, use a mild cleaning solution recommended by Noosa Screens and Curtains. A mixture of dish detergent and warm water is effective for most fabric blinds. Clean gently with a microfibre cloth, avoiding scrubbing.

Special Care for Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds require extra care to protect electrical components from moisture. Avoid wet cleaning methods and follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance.

General Tips

  • Treat blinds gently to avoid damage.
  • Rinse and air dry blinds after cleaning.
  • Contact Noosa Screens and Curtains for specific care advice and recommendations.

With regular care and proper maintenance, your blinds will remain in excellent condition for years. For quality blinds and expert advice, contact Noosa Screens and Curtains today.