A Guide To The Best Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings

A Guide To The Best Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings and Blinds by Noosa Screens and Curtains in Noosa

If you have an outdoor patio, front porch, or outdoor living and entertaining area in Noosa that lacks sufficient cover or protection from the weather, consider investing in outdoor awnings or shades provided by Noosa Screens and Curtains. Benefits of Outdoor Awnings and Blinds Protective Cover: Outdoor awnings from Noosa Screens and Curtains offer protection from the harsh Australian sun and excessive rainfall. This protection extends the usability of outdoor living areas, making it more comfortable to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle for longer periods throughout the year. Enhanced Presentation: In addition to their practical benefits, outdoor blinds and awnings can enhance the presentation of your home in Noosa. They provide a complementary look to the external areas of your property, contributing to its street appeal. Energy Efficiency: These outdoor solutions also contribute to the heating and cooling of your house throughout the year. They can help lower energy costs by keeping your house cooler in summer and reducing heating costs in winter. 

Types of Outdoor Awnings and Blinds

Noosa Screens and Curtains offer a variety of outdoor awnings and blinds, including: 

  1. Fixed
  2. Folding Arm
  3. Pivot Arm
  4. Spring Operated
  5. Straight Drop
  6. Outdoor Blinds

Each type offers distinct benefits for homeowners and contributes to a different finished look for your home in Noosa. 

Choosing The Right Outdoor Awning

When choosing the right outdoor awning or blind for your property in Noosa, consider factors such as: 

  1. The aspect of your windows
  2. The level of your house where the blinds or awnings will be located
  3. The size of the area you are trying to cover and protect
  4. The ability to fix the awnings in place to the external part of your home or building
  5. Your budget
  6. The operation you require for the awning or blind, such as manual versus automatic/motorised or remote controlled.

Installation and Materials

The installation of the awnings and blinds will depend on the type chosen and the configuration of your windows and doors or the walls onto which the solution will be affixed. Noosa Screens and Curtains offer an extensive range of designer colors and patterns across a range of fabrics and materials, including canvas, acrylic, breathable screen fabrics, PVC, and Colorbond steel. The selection of materials is determined by the specific blind or awning option chosen. For top-quality outdoor awnings and blinds in Noosa, turn to Noosa Screens and Curtains for a wide range of options and professional installation services.