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IntrudaGuard™ is different from all other perforated screens. It’s most enhanced feature is the fact that the aluminium perforated sheet is only 1.3 mm thick. When compared to other products IntrudaGuard™ provides a much clearer view than any of the competition.

A secure force

Did you know, the most common method of forced entry into the home is via windows and doors. Security frames are key to keeping your home safe from unwanted entry. IntrudaGuard™ Security Screens provide a proven security solution for your home. They are highly resistant to forced entry and have been rigorously tested against impacts, jemmying and knife attacks. Made from a single sheet of specially tempered aluminium with a unique perforated design, our screens are also durable, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. IntrudaGuard™ Security Screens are assembled using a unique process, eliminating the need for screws, rivets or pins. This offers another level of security. For added protection, IntrudaGuard™ doors can come with a three point locking system and security window screens can be fitted in lieu of fly screens. Every opening of your home can be protected.

Uncompromising style

Lets be transparent, protecting your home doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. IntrudaGuard’s™ sheer and unique design offers unobstructed views, free flowing air circulation and does away with the need for unsightly grilles or bars.


IntrudaGuard™ measures up

IntrudaGuard™ can be fitted on brand new home builds or can be retrofitted onto existing properties. All security screens are custom made to measure.

Value for money

IntrudaGuard™ is a strong, practical and affordable security screen that is more visually appealing compared to the traditional diamond grille security screens on the market. The perforated aluminium mesh also provides excellent transparency and air flow, helping cool down your home or office in the warmer months which could reduce your energy costs.


Flexible design

IntrudaGuard™ security screens come in a variety of custom sizes and various decorative finishes to compliment your home’s look and feel.


A complete solution

Wether its your front entry door, external laundry access or bedroom window, you’ll find a screening solution for every part of your home with IntrudaGuard™.

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