Noosa Express Roller Blinds

Our “NOOSA EXPRESS BLIND” service is great for builders, handy men or simply someone looking to buy a custom made roller blind that can be quickly and easilly installed.


We have a selection of inhouse fabrics that can be manufactured to your size requirements in either a blockout or light filtering fabric. Our cutting table is state of the art and uses an ultrasonic cutting blade to ensure that blinds are cut with the straightest of edges and also seals the material against fraying.

The process is simple:

1: Chose the fabric you want to use in your roller blind

2: Measure the opening of your window (Width and Drop)

3: Order the blind

4: Collect and Install the blind


Made to Measure Blinds and Curtains

All our blinds are made to measure to your exact requirements and as a result there is no need to cut down readymade products to size by yourself. If you know your sizes or how to measure for them, then you can easilly order your blinds to be custom made to suit. If you need any help with measuring a blind please follow our instructions below or give us a call if still unsure. We have been operating since 1980 and have lots of experience we can pass on.

Blind Measuring Instructions

You will need a metal tape measure (cloth tapes are not accurate enough) and a pen and paper to write down the sizes. You will need to  measure your window in millimetres and decide whether you want your blind to sit inside your reveial or face fit to the outside.

How to measure inside your window reveal. (Inside reveal)

Measure Reveal


  • Measure the inside width of your window in 3 places.Write down the shortest. This is your Reveal width.
  • Measure the inside length or drop of your window in 3 places. Write down the shortest. This is your Reveal drop. We will reduce your recess sizes to ensure the blind fits within the opening.
  • Note: due to the controling mechanisms on each end of the roller tube there will always be a gap of at least 15 mm between the edge of the fabric and the reveal.

How to measure outside your window reveal. (Face fitted)

Measure Face fitted

  • Measure width where you want the blind to be allowing for overlap (usually 10-15cm each side, depending on your needs) Write it down. This is your Exact width. You will need to considder the location of the brackets and how you will fix them to your wall or architrave. Make shure when measuring that you have made allowance for these brackets.
  • Measure the length where you want the blind to be allowing for overlap (usually 10-15cm top and bottom). This is your Exact drop. We will make your blind to these exact overall dimensions and make no allowances.


Be sure to double check and tripple check your measurements before ordering. Never take measuements of a plan as the finish product often varies by a few mm either way and can make a big difference particularly whenever trying to fit inside a reveal.

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